Uncover the diverse composition of your organization's workforce.

Reveal your employees' feelings of inclusion.

Diversity Meter™ is a robust measurement and assessment service that helps employers discover the complexity within their organizations to attract and retain diverse talent and ensure an inclusive workplace; where everyone feels like part of the team.

How Does Diversity Meter Work?

Going beyond compliance data collection requirements, Diversity Meter gives a comprehensive view by conducting a Diversity Census and Inclusion Survey within your organization. CCDI Consulting also guides every step—from survey planning to employee communications—from data assessment to reporting. The goal? To enrich workplace diversity and inclusion while uncovering opportunities to improve your organization's performance indicators. 

Key Benefits
  • Gain data-based insights into the diversity of your organization
  • Obtain a data-driven understanding of your employees' feelings of inclusion
  • Provide data to use as part of strategic planning to address inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility objectives

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Online Survey Modules

Powered by our proprietary application, our three modules have been created from over a decade of experience in the areas of survey methodology, data collection, and research-based inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility management.

Diversity Census

Split into two distinct submodules—Workplace Demographics and Personal Demographics—the Diversity Census module produces a profile of your organization by assessing your workforce based on employment-related data points, and 13 personal diversity dimensions.

Inclusion Survey

The Inclusion Survey module identifies feelings of inclusion among your employees.  It allows you to identify if different groups within your organization are reporting different experiences of inclusion compared with other groups. 

Employment Equity Data Collection

The Employment Equity Data module gathers self-identification information as required under Canada's Employment Equity Act and use required for employers subject to LEEP or FCP. 

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Dynamic Mode - Extend the Power

Dynamic Mode regularly collects your workforce's demographic data to ensure you have updated and comparative results. 

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There is a great deal more to Diversity Meter! Contact us today, and an Account Executive would be pleased to discuss the features, functionality and benefits to suit your organization's needs. 

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